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There is something about daddy...

When I am at my house there is always something to do. There are dishes to do, clothes to fold, dogs to take care of, kids to help to bed, bills to pay, and so much more. Sometimes I feel like I am up to my eye balls in stuff that I have to do. Most days I do everything with a smile on my face and other days, I have a sideways grin while grabbing my hair out of frustration. Even when my husband helps me I still feel overwhelmed. Some days, I just need a break from it all. I try to take breaks sometimes, but no matter what kind of break I take, I still feel on edge with a lack of peace inside that nags me deep from within...until I get to see my dad. There is just something about him...

When I saw him today I was immediately greeted with a hug and told how great I looked even though I showed up in some gym shorts, t-shirt, and hat. Then we had lunch at his favorite spot, the golf course, and he showed me off to all of his friends bragging, "This is my daughter Tiffany, she is the author that I was telling you about." We had lunch together which he said, "Honey, I've got this don't you worry." He took me and the kids to see a movie, shared laughs, and when I fell asleep on the couch before bed he took up the slack and disciplined the kids for me when they weren't acting the way that they should be. After I gave the kids a bath, he watched TV with them and cuddled so that I could shower demanding, "Take as long as you need honey."

When I get to see my daddy there is something that happens almost instantaneous--I feel peace. I feel taken care of...I feel like a weight is lifted off of my shoulders. When I see my dad it is more than just, "Honey, you take a nap for a little bit and I'll watch the kids for you." He takes it a step further and helps me feel peace on every side. He makes me feel beautiful by his words even when I look like poop, he makes me feel important as he shows me off to his golf buddies revealing that he talks about me all of the time, and valued by not blinking an eye to pay for lunch. He is my daddy and I know he loves me, and I love him very much.

Maybe you are reading this and saying under your breath, "Man, I wish I had a daddy like this, you are so lucky," or, "My dad passed away and he is no longer with me," or, "I've never met my father." But friend let me remind you that you do have a daddy like this! You have a God in heaven that loves you very much, thinks the world of you, and wants to carry your burdens for you! God looks at you and says, "You are beautiful, I created you, I don't care what you think of yourself...You are one of kind and you are mine (Psalm 139: 13-14)." He is shouting to you, "Whatever you need, I've got this, just come to me with your needs and I will provide for you (Matthew 7:11)." He pleads with you to come to Him because He wants to carry your burdens and give you rest (Matthew 11: 28). And it is more than just, "Come over here and take a nap and I will take care of things for a little while." God wants to give you real rest on EVERY SIDE. He wants to encourage you, brag about you, be your provider, love you, and "let you put your feet up and take care of everything for you."

The truth is that God loves you so much! And what breaks your back doesn't break His. He really wants you to take a load off and rest while He handles everything for you. He hates to see you tire yourself out, struggle, and war all day to do everything...ALL THE TIME! He longs to see you, His child, take a deep breath and truly rest! So, friends, crawl up in your Heavenly Fathers lap, the ONE who holds all of creation in His hands, and let Him do His job and be your Daddy!

Love, Tiffany

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