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The Lion Within

Shhh be quiet, keep silent

Stop talking, clench your teeth

Put this tape over your mouth just to keep–

To keep you from talking and revealing what's underneath–

The passion that burns within every heartbeat.

Thump Thump, it grows with all the blood that flows to and fro–

Pulsing and giving life to every part of your soul.

But the life in your veins is being sucked dry–by every silencer nearby–

Who also ties ropes around your hands so that they too can become paralyzed–

Bound and locked up from the top of your head, to below your thighs, to beneath your toes–and now you're completely trapped inside–

Inside this cage that puts you locked up in a box so small that no one else thinks to look inside–

Unfortunately, this is where dreams go to die.

But wait, something happens–an awakening begins–as an inner voice roars reverberating throughout–reminding you that you can't be silenced, hidden, or kept in your doubt.

There is no reason to listen to the silencers all around because what is on the inside of you can't be bound.

He is Powerful and Mighty and has too much for you to carry out–

So, with vanishing days and with others' lights growing dim, lift up your head child, and don't be fooled by the world that spins–

Open your mouth and release the Lion within.


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