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Are you a homeschooling momma?
If so, my new book is just for you!

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“Tiffany opens the door and invites the reader into her homeschool journey. Her honest confessions resonate with me even in my 25th year of homeschooling. With a combination of journal-style writing, tips, scripture, and resources, this book will be a welcome handbook to parents, especially those who need to know they are not alone in the trenches.”

Susan Schaeffer, Homeschool Mom of 25 Years


“Calling all homeschool moms! If you need a boost in morale, wisdom, and encouragement to keep you pushing through these homeschool years, this book is for you! Reading this book feels like sitting down with a friend and gleaning wisdom and encouragement over a hot cup of coffee!”

Haley Valencia, Homeschool Mom of 10 Years


Confessions of an Imperfect Homeschool Mom



Are you a homeschooling momma who can relate to that sentiment?! You are sure that God called you to homeschool your kids, but you just want to quit. You find yourself wondering:


·   Was homeschooling the right choice for our family?

·   Are my kids where they should be in their education?

·   Is it bad to sometimes wish I was doing something else?

·   How do I keep Jesus in the middle of the mess I’ve created?


In I QUIT! Confessions of an Imperfect Homeschool Mom, Tiffany Wasson invites you into the often hilarious, always messy, sometimes pull-your-hair-out world of homeschooling. A homeschooling mom of two—who has wanted to throw in the towel a time, or two, or many—Tiffany shares the secrets she’s discovered for putting the sanity back into schooling. With tips, tricks, practical advice, and recommendations for everything from how to craft a schedule to creating support systems, I Quit is loaded with all the info new and veteran homeschool moms need to stay in the game.

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Do you deal with perfectionism? 
If so, this book is for you!

Running Mascara

Embracing the Beauty of an Imperfect Church


Available at: 

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  • Xulon Press

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Xulon Press Author Focus Blog

Check out this article by Brittnee Newman, Marketing & Communications Strategist for Xulon Press.

      When most people meet Jesus for the first time they are wild and free, passionate, and ready to embrace their Savior; which means also coming face to face with their brokenness. They are not ashamed to admit that they need Jesus to fix them. However, over time in their Christian walk, they start to forget the simple fact that all people are shattered glass, and in constant need for Jesus to be the glue to hold them together. They start to play God and fashion themselves to being this perfect picture of what they think a Christian should look like in order to fit into the kingdom of God, and do His work.

     The danger in this downward spiral is that not only does it cause the Christ-follower to fall because they are trying to fix themselves, but it also keeps new people from coming into the Kingdom of God. The non-believer may feel like they are not good enough. Playing the perfect Christian or church is a dangerous playground. The Bride of Christ must embrace their constant need for the Savior so that more people will fall in love with Him; the One that seeks out the broken to heal them and set them free.

     Do you find yourself running the hamster wheel of trying to be the perfect Christian? Are you exhausted and feel like if you let your foot slip up just once that you will disappoint Jesus and turn the church away from your side? Trust me when I say that you can be free from the vicious cycle of perfectionism. Are you ready to embrace your brokenness and your constant need for a Savior? Only by learning this truth will you truly be set free. Freedom is near. Can you feel it?

Do you want to write your own book?

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