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Roots Part 2: Weed Whacker

You read from my last blog that I LOVE SPRING! Currently, I am sitting at my favorite spot in our house. I am at our dining room table typing away and glancing out of our front windows every now and then hoping to see another hummingbird daring to take a new adventure to our feeder. The sun is blasting through the trees and our neighbors yard is being watered through their obedient, timed set sprinklers. Again I declare, Spring is awesome.

However, the one thing I cannot stand about spring is yard duty. I do love, LOVE planting flowers in our little flower area and watering them, anxiously awaiting their first blooms. But when it comes to the yard, I am like…BLAH. Now, I take that back...I do really like to cut the grass. Honestly, it is the one thing I enjoy the most in life and it gives me much relieve because I take my mower, cut the grass and it does what I want it do…. the grass doesn’t talk back like my children, it doesn’t grow back as soon as I cut it, it just gets cut and it is SO REWARDING.

The part I can’t stand about the yard duty and the grass is all of the pesky weeds that like to sprout up. I know you are probably thinking, “Why don’t you put down some weed and feed?” Well, we could do that…that is the logical thing to do but when you do that you have to water your yard ALL of the time to keep the greenest grass possible. In South Georgia that is almost impossible with the sun being as hot as it is outside without spiking your water bill up $100 or more. Plus, I just feel like it is waste of water.

Any who, instead of doing the logical thing and putting weed and feed down I got an amazing idea from my husband that is so fabulous that I just had to share. See, our kids love to play golf in the yard with fake golf balls. We all go out as a family from time to time and just hit balls back and forth. One day I was complaining to my husband about all of the weeds. Well, he took his golf club and started to whack the weeds with the golf club and to my surprise they popped out of the ground in one swooping motion. I thought, “Man, that is much easier than the little weed digging tool that I use.”

Well, yesterday my son was playing golf while I watered our rose bushes. I looked at him and then looked at the weeds, looked at him, and looked at the weeds. I was so tired of looking at those things just dancing in the wind as if it was their party and I wasn’t invited. So, I did what any normal human being would do. I went into the garage and grabbed my sand wedge and started teeing up and whacking the weeds out of the ground. I thought to myself, “Take that pesky weeds, who is in charge now!”

I kid you not, it was one of the greatest stress relieving things I have EVER done! I felt great just swinging away and watching those things fly into the air. My son on the other thing thought I was a crazy person and continued to remind me, “But mommy, you need a ball and a tee…you can’t just hit the ground…what are you doing?” I didn’t care though. I just kept chopping away and feeling fantastic. Now, as I was chopping away this thought came to mind, “Why don’t we treat satan this way?” Just hear me out…

We have our lives with Christ, families, and friends and then satan shows up trying to be in the mix. He brings discoursed in our families, doubt, fear and anxiety, insecurity, guilt, shame, and more. We just sit back and let him. We allow him to creep into our lives and then before we know it he is “waving around in the wind like it’s his party.” We need to be better about doing what I did to the weeds of my yard and whacking him out of our lives…uprooting him and all of his schemes. We need to say, “Take that you, pesky devil. I’m hitting doubt out of my life. I am uprooting fear and insecurity. I am taking back my family that you have tried to destroy. I have let you in for too long. IT IS TIME TO GO NOW.”

See, when we take a whack at all of the stuff that satan has planted and all of the stuff isn’t of God goes flying into the air, something begins to happen…a sense of strength is instilled in our spirits. We are reminded that we are God’s and He is ours. He reminds us that His blood flows through our veins and satan has no power over us!!! Christians, we do not have to let allow of these things that satan has planted or continues to try to plant into our lives remain. We don’t have to stare at them any longer. They do not have to have power over us anymore. Raise your “golf clubs” Christians and send satan away from you, back to hell where he belongs!

2 Corinthians 2: 11, “I have done this so that we may not be taken advantage of by Satan. For we are not ignorant of his schemes.”

Love, Tiffany

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