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This whole concept of purpose has been driving me insane lately! My brain has been frantically trying to answer questions such as "What is my purpose? Am I currently walking out my purpose? Will I ever figure out how to use all of my gifts in one thing so I am not constantly pulled in 20 different directions? Will I find my real purpose before I die? Will God be angry if I don't find my purpose and walk it out for His glory? Am I selfish for wanting to find my purpose?"

See, I told you my brain has been spazzing latley! And you thought I was overexhaggerating...if I'm completely honest I'm not even sure I've scratched the surface on my thought life. 

In my heart, I know that I have been created for the same purpose as everyone Love God and worship Him with my make disciples...

So, why am I so frantic? 

Because, I also know that each and everyone of us has a unique design and purpose that no one else can fulfill. No one else fits the world puzzle like you. No one else fits the world puzzle like me. 

Also, I am so passionate about not wasting this life that God has given me. I don't want to waste the time, treasure, and talents He has given me...and I know life is "but a breath." 


Today, He interrupted my crazy busy life filled with a husband, two kids, two dogs, and overzealous thought life to show me this amazing flower above.

The flower above was planted two years ago. A of my favorite flowers. Well, after the first spring it died pretty quickly to the point that I never thought it would come back so I pulled it up from its roots. Last spring, nothing came up in our flower bed. Well, this year some green started to come up in our flower bed. My first initial thought was that it was some type of weed so I yanked it up.

Another month went by and the leaves started to come back. I thought, "man what a tenacious weed." I almost pulled it up but something stopped me and I left it alone. I thought, "let's see what this turns out to be" (mind you I totally forgot that I planted those lillies two years ago). 

This morning as me and the kids walked outside some purple caught my eye...a flower had bloomed. 

The Lord gently whispered to me in a still small voice...

"Remember what My Word says Tiffany, "I am sure of this, that He who started a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus (Philippians 1:6).'"

The Lord reminded me that He has a purpose for me and nothing I can do can screw that up. Even if I sway some by deviating from His plan for my life...He will complete the work He started in me. Even if I decided to throw my hands up and quit looking all together...He will complete the work He started in me. Even if I try to deny my calling and purpose by trying to yank out all of the possible ways to fulfill my calling...He will complete the work He started in me...

And when it is will be beautiful! Nothing can stop God's plans for our lives...not even ourselves!

Have you too been struggling lately with this whole idea of purpose and calling? Have you been stressing out because you feel like you will never fulfill your calling? Well take heart...your Father in Heaven keeps His word! He has known your puzzle piece of a purpose since the beginning of time and He is faithful to help guide you until His purpose is complete in you! 

God is the most tenacious person I know!!! For nothing will stop anything He has put into action. Rest...rely...and watch Him reap a harvest of purpose in you!

Even though it's not always easy, I'm waiting with you friend!

With love,


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