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My Way or the Highway...

We think we are smart. We think we know everything there is to know. And if we don't know the answer we can just ask Siri. The life we live is fast paced, technologically driven, and filled with decisions based on what makes us happy...aka "the selfie nation". We don't have to consider what God wants us to do because we manage just fine on our own...we have made oursleves gods just like the generations before us.

Why do we do this? While we are acting as children playing in the mud making mud pies God is standing near to us with "brownies so to speak" in hand waiting for us to turn to Him. He has better for us than we can create for ourselves! So, I don't know why we constantly look to ourselves for the answers. 

Jeremiah 2:13 digs further in this truth for us explaining,

"For My people have committed a double evil: They have abandoned Me, the fountain of living water, and dug cisterns for themselves, cracked cisterns that cannot hold water."


cis·tern ˈsistərn/ noun plural noun: cisterns a tank for storing water, especially one supplying taps or as part of a flushing toilet. synonyms: tank, reservoir, container... "a cistern of rainwater" an underground reservoir for rainwater. 

God warns us plain as day what happens when we trust in Him and follow Him, versus trusting in ourselves and finding our own way; which is a trap I have often fallen into.

When we trust in ourselves and disregard God's leading all together it's like we pour ourselves into a cistern that's cracked. We pour and pour and pour ourselves into this life we have "makeshifted" for ourselves and it's full of cracks leaving us empty. Once we are empty because of all of the cracks, we pour out more into this "awesome life" we have created for ourselves when it's unfulfilling and not even close to what God wants for us. Then we wonder why we are so stressed, unhappy, and depressed.

Friend, child of God, quit digging to create your own way. Consider that the God of the universe might know a little bit more than you. He knows the end of the beginning and He knows exactly all that you need. He knit you together in your mothers womb. He knows what makes you tick and knows all that will fulfill you in this life. He knows what will give you lasting joy, peace, and happiness. 

Stop playing in the mud, lift up your head, and let Him show you all that He has in store for you...His child. 

He will show you! Maybe not in the timeframe we would like but He will! His timing is perfect!

Waiting with you friends!

With love,


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