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My Oasis

In my dry and desert land, there is a place…a real place.

It’s not a mirage tricking my brain of its existence…

But it is real.

I try to explain it to some people and they don’t believe me.

They think that I am just living in my own fairy tale.

But it is real.

It’s My Oasis.

My Oasis is a place.

A place where I literally feel a warmness in my heart the second I see it in my scope of vision...

With parking lot volunteers who have sweat dripping from their brows waiving their bright yellow foam fingers in the air with enthusiasm letting me know that they are happy to see me again.

A place that from the moment I step my feet on the ground is full of joy...

With greeters standing at the door, faces full of smiles holding the door open for me, and letting me know that I have been missed.

A place where kids of all ages get along...

Where no one says that they are “too old to play with your kids.”

A place where kid volunteers pour into our kids' lives as if they were their own;

which is why my kids keep begging me to go back so they too can get another drink from the well.

A place that pushes me to be better, helps me be better and loves me even in my shortcomings...

With a Pastor who shouts from the pulpit…not solely because that is his personality, but because he truly cares for those around him.

With an Associate Pastor who fist bumps and encourages everyone he comes in contact with.

With a Youth Pastor and wife who take the time out of their afternoon to have lunch with our family to talk about things that concern us.

With Ushers who shake your hand, hug your neck, and when they ask you how you have been…they really want to know.

A place where real surrender during worship occurs...

With worship leaders who don’t perform a show but lay down their lives along with everyone else worshiping.

A place where we do life together outside of the church walls...

With the belief that every person is the church…the temple of the Holy Spirit.

A place full of imperfect people serving a perfect God...

With people who push each other to be better, wrapped in the loving arms of the Father.

A place that when you leave, you are thirsty for more...

Not just because of the atmosphere, the people, or the fact that needs are met in this place,

But because EVERYTHING, EVERYONE, points to the ONE.




Don’t believe me?

Then maybe perhaps you should come and see for yourself.

But trust me when you do…you will be hooked.

With an unexplainable LOVE.

And you too will want to reach others with us...

And do your best to get people to come and visit what will soon become their own,

“My Oasis.”

John 4: 14, “But whoever drinks from the water that I will give him will never get thirsty again--ever! In fact, the water I will give him will become a well of water springing up within him for eternal life."

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