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Tiffany Wasson, blogger, mother, wife, and Xulon Press author, on why she wrote her book: "I never considered myself to be much of a writer. When I was in college and professors would ask, 'Have you ever considered writing?' I would just laugh and quickly shut them down. But how many of you know that when God wants you to do something, He pursues you with everything. "Four years ago I had this crazy urge to write, so I started blogging and the Lord prompted me to write a book. I quickly thought, 'Sure God, I will write the book but it has to be done my way.' "Shortly after those words came out of my mouth I started to go through horrible anxiety and depression; so bad it was affecting my entire family. Our pastor knew we were going through an extremely difficult time and invited us to go to a conference. When we showed up, I opened my bulletin and my jaw hit the floor. Xulon Press was hosting writing seminars throughout the weekend. During one of them I was able to meet with Director of Acquisitions Don Newman face-to-face. "I shared my story with him through my tears, and he encouraged me with these words, 'You have got to write this book! This book is going set people free.' With those words as my charge and a new, humbled spirit, I went home and started to write Running Mascara: Embracing the Beauty of an Imperfect Church. I had this vision. I wanted people to see Jesus for who He really is; the fact that He runs to our mess instead of away from it. I wanted people to feel pursued, accepted, and loved by Jesus. "Within two weeks I had 10,000 words, and within eight months the book was done. The book may have flowed out of me, but it did not come without challenges of hard conversations with family, anxiety attacks, people telling me I was crazy, my youngest son having a major surgery during the process, and battling my feelings of inadequacy. Although I had challenges, I pushed through until the end with the help of Xulon Press. "When the books came in the mail, I will never forget the feeling I had. When I opened that first box and held my book in my hands for the first time, I knew all the struggles, money, and doubts were completely worth it. I also realized the book I started out writing to set others free…actually set me free." Are you, like Tiffany, ready to see your story fulfill its purpose? Reach out to me today, and let's talk about your book and why it should be written!

~Brittany Newman

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