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Tiny Miracles

Monday was a very busy day. We had our first full day back to COOP after almost two months of a holiday break. We had a break for Christmas, the New Year, and the month of January to get back into the swing of things for our personal home school life. However, our break, wasn't much of a break at all. Even though we had a blast traveling different places...going to the beach, aquariums, visiting with family...we didn’t get a whole lot of rest that we thought we were going to get.

Well, Monday was our first day back into the full swing of things. Our youngest son is always 100 miles per hour but on this Monday, I felt as if he was going even more than usual. He was so excited to see his friends, get back to class, and he was prepared to do everything his teachers asked him to do. By the end of the day I thought that he would just pass out but when we got home; he did anything but poop out. When he got home, he was his normal "jump off the walls" self.

Then Tuesday happened. When he woke up, he seemed to be fine but as the day went on, he started to "slow down" which in his world, it means that he is getting sick. I kind of brushed it off though. He started to complain about being cold (which isn't abnormal for him). But then the major shivering started to happen. I told him to put long pants on. "I'm still cold" he would complain. I told him to add a long sleeve shirt or a jacket and then some socks. "I'm still cold". Then he curled up on the couch smothered under a blanket and passed out.

Again, I brushed it off and thought, "He must just be really tired from yesterday. It was a really full day for the boys." Two hours later when he finally wakes up, I went to give him a hug and he was on FIRE. I checked his temperature and it was up to almost 102. "Great, I thought. We do not have time for this." I didn't give him medicine right away because I wanted to make sure it wasn't just dehydration. He said he didn't drink any water all day Monday. I gave him Pedialyte Popsicle and water to make sure that I pushed fluids. I am also one of those moms that likes to give the body a chance to fight off an infection if there is one. I also prayed over him; a full of faith, Jesus died for our sickness type of prayer.

We waited till his dad came home and he was still running a fever. We caved and gave him medicine. He was still running a fever by the time he went to bed, but the medicine hadn't quite kicked in yet, so we put him to bed super early. I was hoping the Pedialyte Popsicle, Juice Plus, some fluids, and rest would do him some good. I went to bed praying for him hoping for the best the next morning.

The next morning thankfully, he was completely fine. He was upbeat, fever gone, and his normal 100 miles an hour self. Most of the time his pace exhausts me but that morning I was super grateful for it. I was glad that his little body was healed of his fever. I hugged him and loved on him.

Later in the day we were running some errands and I called my dad. I told him what happened. I said, "Dad, he is completely fine."

"Didn't he have a high fever? What is up with that?" My dad answered back. Then the list of things I did came rolling out of my mouth.

"Dad, it had to be the Juice Plus. I mean we have been on it for two years and I can't remember the last time they were truly sick. And even when they are sick, things just don't stick with them. I also think he was dehydrated. I gave him a Pedialyte Popsicle, water, and Tylenol. He also had to be exhausted. He has such a full day Monday. I think the Juice Plus, Popsicle, medicine, and rest healed him."

Then, it happened. The sweetest voice from the back seat made its way to my ears. "Mommy, it wasn't any of those things. You prayed for me mommy. And Jesus healed me."

I couldn't believe it. I went through all the things that "I had done" but I didn't even mention the fact that I prayed for him and asked Jesus to heal him. I didn't give any credit to Jesus at all. Talk about a push of faith and a punch in the gut. My son reminded me in that moment what real faith sounds like. He gave praise and glory to God for something that happened in his life. He knew Jesus healed him.

I wonder how often we do often we see something positive happen in our lives and we automatically start to brush it off by chance or by something that "we" did giving glory to ourselves. When, the praise belongs to Jesus. He is our Healer, Provider, Counselor, and so many other names to us in our lives. But we glorify "self".

I don’t know about you but I want to be better at giving credit where credit is due. I want to do better to point the people around me to Jesus instead of to me. He is the Miracle Worker. We need to be better at finding Him in our daily lives instead of all that we "think" we do. Challenge yourself this week to look for the tiny Miracles that Jesus gives you in your lives. I bet if you start looking for them, you will start to see them more and more. I know I will.

Matthew 21:16, “and said to Him, "Do You hear what these children are saying?" "Yes," Jesus told them. "Have you never read: You have prepared praise from the mouths of children and nursing infants?"



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